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Learn how the Hen Hud Lions serve our community, and how you can get involved.

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Preschool Eye Screening

Children aren’t typically screened for visual function before age four, but as many as 5% of preschoolers have visual issues that can lead to amblyopia or other problems. Early detection leads to early treatment.

Through Lions SEE (Screening Eyes Early), members of the Hendrick Hudson Lions Club and their families have provided free photo eye screening to over one hundred local children annually for nearly 40 years.

Hen Hud Lions Eye Screening

Hendrick Hudson Lions Club Eye Screening

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The Hen Hud Lions were one of the first clubs in New York State to implement an eye screening program, and have invested thousands of dollars over the years in equipment and supplies to serve the children of our community. All screening is done by Lions volunteers at no charge to schools or parents. All results are confidential.


FAQ from Lions SEE:

1. Are there any risks in the screening procedure?

The vision-screening procedure is safe and noninvasive. No device comes in contact with your child. No eye drops and no puff of air are used. The volunteer Lion holds the device about fourteen (14) inches away from your child, using the screening device like a camera with blinking lights. The procedure is comfortable for your child and convenient for you.

2. How reliable is the screening process?

The technique is approximately 85- 90% effective in detecting problems that may lead to Amblyopia. It is more reliable than the standard tests a pediatrician performs for a young child. Children under five (5) cannot reliably read an eye chart. This is a screening procedure and does not substitute for a complete eye exam.

3. What if I don’t take my child to an eye doctor after he or she is referred?

If a child is referred, and not examined by a doctor, the problem may cause permanent vision loss in your child. These problems are often easily corrected if caught at an early age, but if left untreated they become both more serious and much more difficult to treat. The earlier the better!

4. How much will this cost me?

The screening is free. If your child is referred,  the referral packets you will receive contain a list of the various Insurance plans that the doctors accept. If you cannot pay, and your child is not eligible for Medicare or other insurance, the Lions Club may be able to help you. Also, note that if these vision problems are left untreated now, they may be much more expensive to treat in the future.

5. What do you, as a Lion stand to gain from this/What’s in this for the Lions?

The only thing that we stand to gain from this is the satisfaction of seeing your child get any help needed. We are not making money from this in any way.

6. Will the evaluation form or results be shared with insurance companies?

No. All results collected by Lions SEE Program at the Ira G. Ross Eye Institute are kept strictly confidential.

Easter Egg Hunt

Each year, the Hendrick Hudson Lions Club sponsors an Easter Egg hunt that is free to local children and their families. Each year, over 200 children collect nearly 5,000 eggs filled with candy, toys and prizes.

Bring your appetite, because our popular bake sale always sells out quickly!


Happy family at the Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg Hunt is held every year the Sunday before Easter. In 2014, the hunt will be Sunday, April 13 at 2 p.m.

The hunt takes place on the great lawn in front of Hendrick Hudson High School. During inclement weather, we relocate to The Dome.

Children are divided into age categories, and then the fun begins!

For everyone’s safety, parents are not permitted to assist children over the age of 3.

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